Chiropractic Treatment in Carlsbad
Cervicogenic Headaches occur when joints and/or muscles are dysfunctional in the neck. This can cause pain from a variety of sources:

* Compression of nerves that innervate the head
* Referred pain into the head from the neck from tight muscles
* Referred pain into the head from joints in the neck that are not moving properly

Upon a chiropractic examination, Dr. Kline will able to determine if this is the cause of your pain. Once diagnosed, comprehensive treatment to eliminate the cause of the pain can yield highly successful outcomes.

chiropractors-massage-therapy-for-headachesIf you suffer from headaches, you know that pain medication can drag you down. Dr. Kline’s methods focus on correcting the cause instead of treating the symptoms. What is the result of our chiropractic treatment? Patients tell us their experience has been fast and lasting relief that has put them back in charge of their every day life! We’ve helped thousands of busy and successful headache sufferers like you leave pain behind for good. They now can get on with their lives.

Dr. Kline makes every attempt pinpoint the source of the problem and correct it with a personalized therapy plan that combines chiropractic care, massage therapy, and exercise therapy to help you achieve extraordinary health. It is time you live a pain-free life!

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We are proud to tell you that in 2016 we’ll be at a new location on Palomar Road. See below and your next visit, ask Dr. Kline for all the details.

Chiropractors Through The Years

"The Best Chiropractor Ever!"

"I have had a number of chiropractors through the years and none have come close to the expertise of Dr. Kline. His expertise goes beyond the mere practice of chiropractic, he has a "sixth" sense about what goes on with the body and his hands always go right to the spot that needs the most attention -- almost of their own accord. I had a back injury back in 1997 that kept me flat on my back for over two months with daily physical therapy and chiropractic sessions, and my recovery was very slow. I had the same injury a couple of years ago and Dr. Kline had me back on my feet and functioning at 100% in two and a half weeks. Dr. Kline gets my vote for the best chiropractor ever and whoever has him as a Dr. should consider themselves blessed to be in such capable hands."     Matt Pallamary, Carlsbad, CA

Chiropractic Care

"A Real Professional"

"I first came in because I was transferring to Dr. Kline from my previous chiropractor. Since beginning Chiropractic care my improvements have been substantial especially related to my bladder function. I suffer from TMJ, upper back pain and lower back pain for years. It's nice to feel normal again. Dr. Kline is a real professional who looks at the entire person, not just the spine. "    - Sherri, Carlsbad, CA

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Improvements in Lower Back and Leg Stability

"Fantastic improvements after only 2 visits!

"Since beginning Chiropractic care with Dr. Kline, I have had speedy and fantastic improvements after only 2 visits! And after 4 visits my back pain and instability are back to where they were before my injury. I am looking forward to continued treatments to give me the same lower back and leg stability I had before my accident 4 years ago. Dr. Kline is definitely helping me. "       - Chris L. Carlsbad, CA

The Best Chiropractor

The best Chiropractor I have had in thirty two years!

"I injured my back while serving aboard ship thirty two years ago. Since that time, having been transferred numerous times with the US Military, and as a civilian, I have used thirteen different chiropractors around the country, including Hawaii. I was very lucky to have found Dr. James Kline in 2010. Dr. Kline is a fabulous practitioner of Chiropractic. He is always very thorough, never in a hurry, and glad to go the extra chiropractic-mile when necessary. Other Chiropractors have shied away from additional minor chiropractic requests ie.. electric massager, electric stimulation etc... But not Dr. Kline. He uses the most up-to-date Chiropractic techniques available today, and his sole concern is providing relief to my spine and whole body. I always leave Dr. Kline's office feeling GREAT, REJUVENATED and VERY HEALTHY to tackle the week ahead. Dr. Kline is also a very personable Chiropractor who has a great personality. I highly recommend Dr. Kline for anyone suffering from a debilitating injury like myself, or just to improve overall musculo-skeletel healthy. I've walked into his office numerous times with severe back pain, and then walked out pain-free. Dr. Kline also takes time to educate me on his procedures, and what is currently happening with my spine. Thanks to him, I keep active as a parent and everyday life. Dr. Kline is the best Chiropractor I have had in thirty two years! "     - Harold, Vista, California

Highly Recommended

"I highly recommend Dr. Kline!"

highly-recommended-chiropractor-in-carlsbad "I have been seeing Dr. Kline for 2 months now and it is the best step I've made to rehabilitating my back. I injured my back about 4 months ago doing kettle bell swings at the end of a crossfit work out. I felt a pop in my lower back and knew something was wrong. (Later, after a MRI and X-Ray, I found out I herniated my L4-L5 disc with an 8mm bulge). I tried icing and rehabbing my back myself but it wasn't getting any better.

I went to my General Physician who prescribed me an oral steroid and muscle relaxer for a 2 week cycle but I still had trouble walking. In the end, my doctor suggested a minimally invasive surgery to remove the bulge. I was shocked! I am 27 years old and can't imagine getting surgery this young.

I decided to go the natural route which is when I started seeing Dr. Kline. After 2 sessions, I could finally walk and stretching my hamstrings was actually possible. It has now been 2 months and I am back in the gym. I continue seeing Dr. Kline once and week and continue seeing positive results after each session.

I highly recommend Dr. Kline to anyone with a severe injury to those who have "regular" pain that are looking for an alternative/effective route to rehabilitation."      - Alex C., San Diego, CA

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Regular Visits to Avoid Future Problems

100% Amazing

"Thank you SO much Dr. Kline!! Four days straight of pain, it even hurt to breath. One visit and by the next morning, 95% pain relief...by the afternoon, 100%. Amazing! I am so very grateful for Dr. Kline's expertise. I will never wait that long again. Now, it is regular visits for me to avoid future problems. I just feel better over all. Thank you!"       - Lisa, Carlsbad

Simply A Fantastic Chiropractor

"I highly recommend Dr. Kline!"

carlsbad-chiorpractor "Dr. Kline is simply a fantastic chiropractor. I have had back problems for many years and was very pleased to find Dr. Kline. He is patient, explains things well, and I never feel rushed - and best of all I feel like I have experienced a miracle when I leave. I have sometimes walked in bent over and in pain only to leave standing straight and painless. I should mention that everyone in the office is very nice and genuinely cares about their patients. I highly recommend Dr. Kline!"      - John L., Carlsbad

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Chiropractor Reviews

The Best 10 Chiropractors in Carlsbad, CA

What happens when you search for

"The Best 10 Chiropractors in Carlsbad, CA!"

on Yelp.com?

Here is a snippet

"I started seeing Dr. Kline a few weeks ago for pain I was having in my neck and lower back after getting a referral from my brother. I felt significantly better after a couple of visits and now ....just fantastic! Dr. Kline takes the time to listen to what your needs are and provides customized care EVERY visit. I cannot express enough how fantastic this after being pushed in and out of one too many chiropractic visits w/ the same adjustment and very little personal attention. You can tell Dr. Kline is very much invested in his healing practice - I'm super excited to have found a stupendous chiropractor and will most definitely refer him when anyone has a head/neck/back ailment. If you're reading this yelp review then then you might be the one in need...stop what you're reading and call Dr. Kline!"      - Jennnaay P., Oceanside, CA

Note from the Dr. Kline's Staff: Apparently an Yelp.com user, Jennnaay, posted this kind review on Yelp.com after finding Dr. Kline Chiropractic & Wellness on their "The Best 10 Chiropractors in Carlsbad, CA" webpage listings. To our surprise this particular review is shown under the reviews that were selected as not-recommended by Yelp software algorithm. This means that anyone looking for real life testimonials on chiropractic clinics in Carlsbad, are not getting a true representation. In this case, perhaps Yelp.com's algorithm flags the word "referral" or "brother" or could it be that she referred to Dr Kline as a "stupendous chiropractor"? Whichever the cause, it is quite sad that a 5-star review from another satisfied customer (patient) is NOT RECOMMENDED ON YELP; "the review itself is not recommended". Go figure.

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The Best Chiropractor in Carlsbad

"Dear Dr. Kline, You are the Best!!!

the-best-chiropractor-in-carlsbad"Dear Dr. Kline, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your ability to teach, motivate, inspire and really help my husband. 🙂 He has been looking so pale lately, has had very little energy and been taking daily naps. He came home from treatment today with color in his cheeks and standing tall. The "pained" look he usually has was totally gone from his eyes. After a couple hours of working he asked me if he could go to yoga class with me --because you had recommended it to him as therapy!!! You are the best!!! I have invited him numerous times but he only went once. Thank you for making the time in your schedule to treat him today. You are so wonderful about really CARING about people. It means so much to be able to see my husband feeling better. I will make sure he gets in to see you more regularly. 🙂 -- Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!"      - Alicia Kister

We're proud our clients are referring friends, family, and co-workers to the "best chiropractor in carlsbad. They too can relieve pain.

Chiropractors on Yelp

Awesome Experience!

"I had an awesome experience! Dr. Kline treated me an hour after I called his office and said I was new in town and needed help. I had called four other Chiropractors on Yelp with 4 star ratings, but not a single one of them answered their phone. Every time I call Dr. Kline's office, someone actually answers the phone! Love it! Love the Dr. too! 🙂 Happy, healthy and feeling REALLY good! Thanks! "

Carlsbad’s Best Chiropractor

"Dr. Kline is the Best!"

carlsbads-best-chiropractor "Dr. Kline is the best. I've been seeing chiropractors for many years due a highly physical career. He's intuitive and effective. He listens. He adapts his techniques to what works for me. He's just the BEST."      - Wende W., Carlsbad, CA

Wendy W, Carlsbad CA

Thank God for Dr. James Kline

"I felt like half my age!"

"First of all, thank God for Dr. James Kline! Dr. Kline's adjustment of my spine today, Friday, allowed me to not just go on my five mile coast walk immediately afterwards, but I felt like half my age, and was by far the fastest walker on the coast route! Dr. Jim only improves his techniques as time goes on, regarding his adjustments to my spine."      - Harold R, Carlsbad, CA

My Chiropractor in Carlsbad, CA

"Fortunate to have a Chiropractor in Carlsbad, CA"

"As one of your former patients from Illinois, I hope the people of Southern California realize how fortunate they are that you are now practicing there. Illinois' loss is California's gain."      - Laura Schertz

Shoulder Pain Relief

"Instant Shoulder Pain Relief"

"Wow. On the 1 St. Visit Dr. Kline was able to get me some relieve on my shoulder sprain. That night we slept better. Great customer service, very patience, caring and understanding. Staff is very friendly. We highly recommend Dr. Kline. God bless and Thank you. "

A Great Chiropractor

"He is gentle!"

"I just wanted to add that I love the new office - it is so quiet. It gives Dr Kline the environment to focus on his patients more.

This guy is so sensitive to what you need and extremely knowledgeable (and so generous in sharing that knowledge). He is gentle with me and more forceful where needed with others. He gives good and compassionate care and most importantly, I feel better after he works on me. He is also funny so entertains me when I am in pain (I really need that to relax enough to allow him to work on me). He hasn't pushed me in areas where I am just not going. And he takes walk ins. Great chiropractor, great experience."       Eileen S.

Eileen S., Encinitas

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