Headaches Pain

Headaches Pain


Headaches Pain and Treatment in Carlsbad

Cervicogenic Headaches occur when joints and/or muscles are dysfunctional in the neck. This can cause pain from a variety of sources:

Compression of nerves that innervate the head
Referred pain into the head from the neck from tight muscles
Referred pain into the head from joints in the neck that are not moving properly
Upon physical examination, it can be easily determined if this is the cause of your head pain. Once diagnosed, comprehensive treatment to eliminate the cause of the pain can yield highly successful outcomes.

chiropractors-massage-therapy-for-headachesIf you suffer from headaches, you know that pain medication can drag you down. Dr. Kline’s methods focus on correcting the cause instead of treating the symptoms. What is the result of our chiropractic treatment? Patients tell us their experience has been fast and lasting relief that has put them back in charge of their every day life! We’ve helped thousands of busy and successful headache sufferers like you leave pain behind for good. They now can get on with their lives.

Dr. Kline makes every attempt pinpoint the source of the problem and correct it with a personalized therapy plan that combines chiropractic care, massage therapy, and exercise therapy to help you achieve extraordinary health. It is time you live a pain-free life!

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