Neck and Back Pain

Neck and Back Pain

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Neck and Back Pain – Joint Dysfunction Pain and Treatment in Carlsbad

This occurs when one of the joints in the spine or limbs loses its normal joint play (resiliency and shock absorption). It is detected through motion palpation, a procedure in which the doctor gently moves the joint in different directions and assesses its joint play. When a joint develops dysfunction, its normal range of movement may be affected and it can become painful. In addition, joint dysfunction can lead to a muscle imbalance and muscle pain and a vicious cycle:

The loss of joint play can cause abnormal signals to the nervous system (there are an abundance of nerve receptors in the joint)
The muscles related to that joint can subsequently become tense or, conversely, underactive
The resulting muscle imbalance can place increased stress on the joint, aggravating the joint dysfunction that already exists
Any joint of the spine, including the Sacroiliac Joints, can cause mechanical pain. Joints are designed to move and when they do not, pain and degeneration occurs. Conservative treatment is designed at maximizing motion, improving flexibility and finally maximizing muscular coordination, endurance and strength.

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