Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic Doctor

naturopathic-doctor-carlsbadDr. Kline is proud to welcome Dr. Dubroff to lead Naturopathic care at Kline Chiropractic & Wellness. You may be surprised that Naturopathic doctors are recognized as primary care doctors in the state of California!

Dr. Dubroff is an alternative doctor and practices a three-prong approach to holistic medicine:

Scientific evidence based botanical/nutritional medicine
Stimulating the individual’s natural resources to heal (homeopathy and hydrotherapy), and
Diet and lifestyle to promote and insure health and wellness.

After completing a year long residency in mental health and homeopathic applications during his schooling at NCNM, Dr. Dubroff gave many naturopathic lectures in the community as well as hospital and other medical settings. He also designed a year long CME course on alternative medical applications for mental health professionals.

Dr. Dubroff started his clinical practice in Portland, OR where he served as a preceptor doctor training students in homeopathy for NCNM. He moved to LA in 2007 to work with an orthopedic surgeon for 2 years before starting his own practice in Orange/San Diego County. Today he joins our Chiropractic & Wellness team in Carlsbad.

Conveniently located at 6010 Hidden Valley Road, Dr. Dubroff is able to provide our patients with Naturopathic care giving you the benefit of therapies that balance the low-impact yet effective methods to trigger the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health.

Call us at (442) 232-6708 and ask to schedule your Naturopathic appointment today!

You will be happy to hear customer’s tell their story on how naturopathic care with Dr. Dubroff changed their life!